Lactic Peel 40%


pH 2.64


Lactic Peel 40% by DERMEDICS® is strong in action, deeply penetrating acid peel in gel, obtained from sour milk / yoghurt, designed for professional exfoliating therapies in beauty salons.

Multi-functional, tailored to suit a variety of skin types and conditions aiming to stimulate natural skin protection and to treat skin imperfections (blemishes, discolouration).

Gel peel has low pH of 2.64 to provide intensive therapy that is close to medical grade.

Ideal before needle-free mesotherapy treatments with MESO serums by DERMEDICS®.

Product must be neutralised to stop acid activity.

Lactic Acid 40%

Free of preservatives, alcohol, colourants and allergens.

Innovative formula of peel in special gel consistence provides unique benefits, thus increases efficacy of therapies:

High comfort of patient: painless therapy with amazing effects.

No downtime: skin trauma and redness reduced almost up to zero.

High comfort for the operator (even for less experienced therapists): easy application by fingertips in disposable gloves = accessories that are typical for liquid peels (bowl, brushes, etc.) are not needed anymore!

Safe application and easy control: gel peel stays in a place of application without any unexpected dripping that allows to control reactions of skin in all treated zones.

More possibilities: elimination of pain during exfoliation provides possibility of prolonged duration of treatment – that makes that peel can be applied in layers (depending on needs).

Multi-targeted therapies: all peels are combinable = they can be administered as multi-layers in a session, or can be applied over consecutive sessions.

No aggression for skin: acid peel in gel has reduced level of evaporation to eliminate aggressive and excessive hyper-exfoliation of stratum cornerum as side effects (*).

(*) Exfoliation of stratum cornerum is a natural side effect of treatment with standard formulations of chemical peels – namely: liquid peels.

The faster exfoliation of the stratum cornerum – the shorter time of therapy with acids (because of pain and skin trauma).

DERMEDICS® acid peels in gel allow to concentrate on the main role of activity of peels: on acceleration of dermis to its self-renewal by intensive, whilst safe stimulation of fibroblasts (cell boost). Main activity of peels from DERMEDICS® is done inside the skin – in a location where it should be done to get effective therapy.  Exfoliation as side effect of the activity of peels by DERMEDICS® is noticed of course – but in non-aggressive, mild way.

  • Skin type: for dry to combination skin of all ages
  • Fitzpatrick scale: skin type 1-6
  • Unisex: for women and men
  • Age preserving therapies
  • Discolouration
  • Dehydrated skin with rough texture
  • Encourages skin regeneration (cell booster)
  • Increases production of ceramides via keratinocytes
  • Provides hydration and nourishment for the skin
  • Eliminates flaky skins and restores even skin texture and tone
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Reduces solar damage and provides whitening effects on skin
  • Provides skin detox (elimination of toxins)
  • Gently exfoliates the skin without aggressions
  • Preventing premature skin aging
  • Minimising symptoms of photo-aging
  • Reduction of expression of lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction of blemishes and imperfections
  • Dehydrated skin with uneven skin texture

Face, front part of neck and décolletage, as well as other skin areas depending on needs.

Water/Aqua, Lactic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, Hydroxyethylcellulose.

  • For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Contraindications: hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation.
  • Patch test recommended prior main use.
  • Cover eye area with cotton pads before use.
  • Avoid lips area and/or protect them with thin layer of cream.
  • Not to be applied on damaged skin.
  • Wear disposable gloves during all procedure.
  • Neutralisation demanded.
  • Avoid UV expose. SPF protection demanded during a day.
  • CALM biomimetic lamellar cream recommended to rebuild lipid layer of skin (night care).
  • Respect the peel manual provided by DERMEDICS® to avoid complications.

Pure and fresh skin instantly.

Economic benefits: special consistence makes the product highly efficient in use..

Professional: 100ml airless bottle

Registered in European Union as Cosmetic Products according to the Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC.
Manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
Microbiologically and dermatologically tested. | NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.
Made with the greatest care in the European Union.
Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS) available on request.

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