Dermedics Philippines Training Center By Gyrfalcon International Trading – November 2018

In November 2018, Dermedics Training Center was established, dedicating a 3000 sq ft floor area for conducting aesthetics workshops, particularly for treatment procedures using Dermedics cosmeceutical products. The training center is designed to provide both basic and advanced training in aesthetic procedures for skincare professionals. The establishment of this training center is a significant step forward for Dermedics as it helps to establish the brand as a leader in the cosmeceutical industry.

The Dermedics Training Center offers comprehensive training programs that cover every aspect of skin treatment, ranging from basic to advanced techniques. The programs are designed to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills they need to offer their clients with effective skincare treatments.

The center provides an excellent opportunity for them to get certified in various skin care procedures and earn recognition for their knowledge and expertise.

The Dermedics Training Center also offers support after the training for the trainees. The center continues to offer assistance and guidance to trainees even after they complete their courses. This ensures that trainees are fully equipped to succeed in their careers and provide quality skincare treatments to their clients.

Overall, the establishment of Dermedics Training Center has been a significant step forward for Dermedics as a brand. It has allowed the brand to offer high-quality training programs to professionals looking to gain additional skills in aesthetics while also establishing Dermedics as a trusted and respected name in the cosmeceutical industry.

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